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Science Fiction:

-Domechild--Shiv Ramdas  Rating: *****
-Warriors of the Edge--Katie Bridges Rating: *****
-Division: A Collection of Science-Fiction Fairytales--Lee S. Hawke Rating: *****
-For None of Woman Born--S. D. Curran Rating: *****
-Cybermancer Presents--Andrew Barber Rating: *****
-The Boy Named Topaz--Jeffrey Gartshore Rating: *****
-ReAwaken--Autumn Seigel Rating: ****
-Dissolution--Lee S. Hawke Rating: *****
-Speaker of Words--E. G. Stone Rating: *****

The Untamed Series--Madeline Dyer
       -Untamed Rating: *****
       -Fragmented Rating: *****

The Jill Andersen Series--J. D. Cunegan
       -Bounty Rating: *****
       -Blood Ties Rating: *****
       -Behind the Badge Rating: *****
       -Behind The Mask Rating: *****
       -Bitter End

The Vemreaux Trilogy--Mary E. Twomey
       -The Way Rating: *****
       -The Truth Rating: *****
       -The Lie Rating: ***** 

Puatera Online--Dawn Chapman
       -Desert Runner Rating: *****
       -Desert Born
       -Desert Storm

Space-Based Adventure

-Pure Control--C. Lloyd Brill Rating: ****
-After Impact--Nicole Stark Rating: ***
-Countless As The Stars--Steve Trower Rating: *****
-The Secret King: Letháo--Dawn Chapman Rating: *****
-The Arena--Santana Young Rating: *****
-Excelsior--George Sirois Rating: *****

Starstruck Saga--S. E. Anderson
       -Starstruck Rating: *****

The Children of Dreki--N. R. Tupper
       -TYR Rating: *****


-Sky Knight--Sandra Harvey Rating: *****
-AmsterDamned--Nils Visser Rating: ***** 

The Alexander Legacy--Sophronia Belle Lyon
       -A Dodge, A Twist, and A Tobacconist Rating: *****
       -The Pinocchio Factor Rating: ****

Dawn of Steam Trilogy--Jeffrey Cook
      -First Light Rating: *****
      -Gods of The Sun Rating: *****
      -Rising Suns Rating: *****

Punk Anthologies--Writerpunk Press Group
      -Sound & Fury: Shakespeare Goes Punk, Vol. 1 Rating: *****
      -Once More Unto The Breach: Shakespeare Goes Punk, Vol. 2 Rating: ****
      -What We've Unlearned: Classic Literature Goes Punk Rating: ***** 
      -Merely This And Nothing More: Edgar Allan Poe Goes Punk
      -Taught By Time: Myth Goes Punk

The Red Dog Conspiracy--Patricia Loofbourrow
       -Gutshot (Novellette) Rating: *****
       -The Alcatraz Coup (Novella) Rating: *****
       -Vulnerable (Short Story) Rating: ****
       -Jacq of Spades Rating: *****
       -Queen of Diamonds Rating: *****
       -Ace of Clubs Rating: *****
       -King of Hearts 
       -Ten of Spades


Urban Fantasy/ High Fantasy 

-Thornburg's Daughter--Rose Withering Rating: ****
-The Starlight Proverbs--Darren E. Barber Rating: *****
-Songstruck--Sofia Black Rating: *****
-Thimblerig's Ark--Nate Fleming Rating: *****
-The Captives--Precarious Yates Rating: ****
-Out of Darkness Rising--Gillian Bronte Adams Rating: **** 
-The Pirate Princess--Catherine Banks Rating: ***
-Merchant of Alyss--Thomas Locke Rating: **** 
-Road Brothers--Mark Lawrence Rating: *****
-Conner's Odyssey: Discovery--Ian Bristow Rating: ****
-The Seventh Crow--Sherry D. Ramsey Rating: *****
-Dreamtime Dragons--Dreamtime Fantasy Authors Rating: ***** 
-Chasing Rabbits--Erin Bedford Rating: *****
-Herald of Autumn--J. M. Guillen Rating: *****
-Red Hot Steele--Alex P. Berg Rating: *****
-Obsidian Son--Shayne Silvers Rating: ****
-Ugly Girl (Faite Falling Series)--Mary E. Twomey Rating: ****
-Mirrors (The Curse of Lanval)--Rebekah Dodson Rating: ****
-Anamatus--Derrick Tribble Rating: *****
-Severance--M. A. Smith Rating: *****
-The Wendy--Erin Michelle Sky Rating: *****

The Chronicles of Lorrek--Kelly Blanchard
        -Someday I'll Be Redeemed Rating: *****
        -I Still Have A Soul Rating: *****
        -I'm Still Alive Rating: *****
        -Do You Trust Me? Rating: *****
        -You Left Me No Choice Rating: *****
        -They Must Be Stopped Rating: *****
        -Find Me If You Can Rating: *****
        -You Are Not Alone
        -This Ends Now
        -The Truth Behind: A Short Story Collection Rating: *****

The Fair Folk Chronicles--Jeffrey Cook and Katherine Perkins
        -Foul is Fair Rating: *****
        -Street Fair Rating: *****
        -A Fair Fight Rating: *****
        -All's Fair Rating: *****

The Therian Way--Kimberly Rogers
       -Leopard's Heart Rating: *****
       -Wolf's Path Rating: ***** 
       -Tiger's Shadow Rating: *****
       -Tiger's Strength
       -Leopard's Test
       -Panther's Trap

Rogue Spotter Universe--Kimberly Rogers
       -Threats By Numbers Rating: *****

Verona: The Complete Mermaid Tales--Pauline Creeden
       -Scales Rating: *****
       -Submerged Rating: *****
       -Salt Rating: *****
       -Surfacing Rating: *****

Spirit Knights--Lee French
       -Girls Can't Be Knights Rating: *****
       -Backyard Dragons Rating: *****
       -Ethereal Entanglements
       -Ghost Is The New Normal

The Firebird Fairy Tales--Amy Kuivalainen
       -The Cry of the Firebird Rating: *****
       -Ashes of the Firebird Rating: *****
       -Rise of the Firebird Rating: *****

Lord of the Wyrde Woods--Nils Visser
     -Escape From Neverland Rating: *****
     -Dance Into The Wyrd Rating:***** 

The Portal Prophecies--C. A. King
     -A Keeper's Destiny Rating: **** 
     -A Halloween's Curse Rating: *****
     -Frost Bitten Rating: *****

Shifters & Mages--Skye Hegyes
     -Puck's Choice Rating: ****
     -Jenna's Story

The Bhinian Empire--Miriam Forster
     -City of A Thousand Dolls Rating: *****
     -Empire of Shadows Rating: *****

The P.A.W.S. Saga--Debbie Manber Kupfer
       -P.A.W.S. Rating: ****
       -Argentum Rating: ****

Talented Series--Amy Hopkins
     -A Drop of Dream Rating: *****
     -A Dash of Fiend Rating: *****
     -A Splash of Truth Rating: *****
     -A Promise Due Rating: *****
     -When Magic Fades

The Books of Winter--R. R. Virdi
       -Dangerous Ways Rating: ***** 

The Cadeau Series--Connie Olvera
       -Who Can You Trust? Rating: **** 

A Tune Of Demons Series--J. E. Mueller
       -Fire's Song Rating: *****
       -Spirit's Lullaby Rating: *****
       -Dreamer's Melody

Manhunters--Jesse Teller
       -Song Rating: *****

Wonderland Guardian Academy Series--Pauline Creeden
       -Red The Wolf Tracker Rating: *****
       -Belle The Beast Tamer
       -Alice The Vampire Slayer
       -Snow The Assassin

The Time Tree Chronicles--Lisa Rae Morris
       -The Emergence Rating: *****
       -The Guardian
       -The Three

The Valiant Series--Joanna White
       -Hunter Rating: *****

The Averraine Cycle--Morgan Smith
       -Casting In Stone
       -A Spell in the Country Rating: *****
       -The Shades of Winter

Jewels of Illumination--J. M. D. Reid
       -Diamond Stained Rating: *****
       -Ruby Ruins
-The Lazarus Codex: Death Rites--E. A. Copen Rating: *****

Burn Our Houses Down Trilogy--Kelsey D. Garmendia
       -Burn Our Houses Down Rating: *****
       -If I Lose
       -Painted Red

The Runespells Series--Sarah Buhrman
       -Too Wyrd Rating: *****
       -Fluffy Bunny
       -The Chains That Bind

Tales of the Fallen--Katika Schneider
       -Devotion Rating: ****
       -Deception Rating: *****

Stories of Togas, Daggers And Magic--Assaph Mehr
       -Murder in Absentia Rating: *****
       -In Numina Rating: *****

The Grave Reports--R. R. Virdi
        -Grave Beginnings Rating:  *****
        -Grave Measures Rating: *****
        -Grave Tidings (novella) Rating: *****
        -Grave Dealings Rating: *****

The PSS Chronicles--Ripley Patton
       -Ghost Hand Rating: *****
       -Ghost Hold Rating: *****
       -Ghost Heart Rating: *****  
       -Ghost Hope Rating: *****

Alexi Sokolsky: Hound of Eden--James Osiris Baldwin
        -Burn Artist Rating: *****
        -Blood Hound Rating: ****
        -Stained Glass

The LouisiAngel Series--C. L. Coffey
        -Angel in Training Rating: *****
        -Angel Eclipsed Rating: *****
        -Angel Tormented Rating: *****
        -Angel in Crisis

Judah Black Series--E. A. Copen
       -Fortunate Son (prequel novella) Rating: *****
       -Guilty By Association Rating: *****
       -Blood Debt Rating: *****
       -Chasing Ghosts 
       -Playing With Fire 

Realistic Fiction 

Coming of Age
Becoming Nikki--Ashley Elliott Rating: **** 

The Painter Place Saga--Pamela Poole
       -Painter Place Rating: ****
       -Hugo Rating: ****
The Goode-Grace Mysteries--Cyn Mackley
-American Goth Rating: ***** 
       -A Maze And Grace Rating: *****
       -Grace Under Fire

The Martha Garrett Series--Cyn Mackley
       -What The Chat Dragged In Rating: ****
       -Best Served Cold 

But I'm Not Depressed--Lia Rees Rating: ****

-Tree of Bone and Mist--Melissa E. Beckwith
-A Change in Crime--D. R. Perry
-Unforgiveables--Tabi Slick
-Kiss of Vengeance--E. A. Copen
-Crossbones--Stefan M. Nardi
-The Circle Gathers--Rowan Casey
-Keys of the Origin--Melissa A. Joy
-Set in Stone--Frank Morin
-Fandri's Adventures--Kasper Beaumont
-Selkie's Song (Love's Enchanted Tales)--Kimberly A. Rogers
-The Wake of the Dragon--Jaq D. Hawkins
-Sideris Gate--Cheri Lasota
-An Unexpected Brew--J. E. Mueller
-The Lost Signal--J. Fernandez Morales
-The Last Faoii--Tahani Nelson
-Caustic--Yasmin Hawken
-Tompkin's School For The Extraordinarily Talented--Tabi Slick
-Draigon Weather--Paige L. Christie
-Into the Hare Wood--Tonya Macalino
-Alice in Winterland--D.K.S. Dhara
-The Digital Storm--Benjamin Gorman
-For The Guild--J. E. Mueller
-Legends of The Gem--J. D. Cunegan
-Snakes and Shadows--Amy Hopkins
-Shard of Glass--Emily Deady
-Future Apocalypse: Beginnings--Barbara J. Gilbert
-Reformed--H. L. Burke
-Dawn of Wolves--D. L. Howard
-The Calling--Maxina Storibrook
-Dream of the Sphere--Jay S. Willis
-Rift Walker--E. A. Copen
-Ezaara--Eileen Mueller
-Shadows of Creation--Ryan D. Meier
-An Echo of The Fae--Jenelle Leanne Schmidt
-Born of Air--R. A. Lewis
-Princess of Shadows--A. G. Marshall
-The Child of Chaos--Glen Dahlgren
-Spellsmith & Carver: Magician's Rivalry--H. L. Burke
-Illuminated--Jackie Castle
-The Watcher King--Deborah L. Alten
-Aspiring: Part 1 of The Siblings' Tale--Astrid V. J.
-The Emerald Realm: Poisoned Heart, Bearly Free--Abigail Manning
-Dead Girl--Jesse Teller
-The Austen Fairy Tales: Rose Petals & Snowflakes, Crown & Cinder--Kendra. E. Ardnek
-Prodigy Prince--Natasha Sapienza
-Dragon's Reach--J. A. Andrews
-Forever People--Alison Lyke
-Enchanted Kingdoms--Various Authors
-Kingdom of Crowns and Glory--Various Authors
-Totem of Talons (4 Short Stories)--Christy Mann
-The Buried Symbol--Jeffrey L. Kohanek
-Dagger's Sleep--Tricia Mingerink
-Cry Wolf--Jacque Stevens

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