On this page you will find links to all the nonfiction articles I have posted over the years: Hit Lists, Sunday Musings, the "O.H. H.E.L.L." Posts, and whatnot. Enjoy! (and, if it's no bother, please do leave a comment letting me know what you liked!)

Hit Lists

-Top 3 Little-Known Non-Disney Family Films
-Top 5 Dame Actresses
-Top 5 TV Shows
-Top 10 Books That you Really Must Read Before You Die
             -(Part 1)
             -(Part 2)
Top 10 Best and Worst Reads of 2013
-Top 5 Young Actors
-Top 5 Acting Couples/Siblings
-Top 5 Thought-Provoking Dramas
-Why Must The Good Die Young?
-12 Books Your Shelf Needs Right Now
-The Sisterhood of the Dystopian YA Trilogy
-Top 5 Live-Action Non-Disney Holiday Films For The Whole Family
-Best and Worst Reads of 2014
-Best Reads of 2016
-Top 10 Movie Adaptations That Need To Happen In The Near Future
-10 Times the Book Was Still Better Than The Movie
-Top 10 Film Adaptations That Were Better Than The Books They Came From
-Top 10 Favorite Campy Films (That Never Get Old)
-Top 10 Vincent Graves Moments from "The Grave Reports" by R. R. Virdi

Sunday Musings
Communion: A Commitment To Unity
The Power of Getting What We See
The Fifth Commandment
The Fighter, The Fish, and The Floozy
The Evil Within
When Pollyanna Cried
The Sermon, The Scholar, and The Stick
To Sojourn in Nineveh
When Men Shall Revile 
Pint-Sized Piety: Or, The Dangers of Christian Chick-Lit For Little Girls

O.H. H.E.L.L.: Oh How His Excellent Love Lingers
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3

"How To" Posts:
Literary Articles
RamblingsOn: Shakespeare
Show And Tell
Rewriting A Scene
Citizen of Nowhere 
Felicia Day Is My Spirit Animal: Or, How I Learned To Stop Hiding And Embrace My Own Weird 

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