Monday, January 20, 2014

Hit List: Top 5 Acting Couples/ Sibling Pairs

Ladies and Gents.... it's time for another Hit List! This one is dedicated to some truly splendiforous acting couples who portray couples on-screen and it's adorable to see. As an advocate of family and siblings or spouses working together at something (goodness knows I'd like to share my penchant for writing with a sibling!), it just warms the cockles of my heart to see that family dynamic carried over to the silver screen. So, without further ado (and in no particular order)...

Top 5 Acting Couples

John and Joan Cusack--David and Liz Gordon (Martian Child)

*Taken from

(Granted, it's not the best picture, but it's a scene of the two of them together, so it works)

These two... are basically the reason I even watched this movie. I mean, I think I probably found out earlier that they were siblings, but after watching them argue with each other in a certain scene in Martian Child, I KNEW. And I loved it. Separately, John and Joan are reputable actors in their own rights. Put them in front of a camera together, and you can pretty much tell who's the older sibling.

Seamus and Juliana Dever--Detective Kevin Ryan and Jenny Ryan (Castle)

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 D'awww!! THEY'RE SO CUTE!!!!! *happysigh* Readers of my blog, say "Hello" to my FAVORITE COUPLE on one of the best crime shows on TV! Detective Ryan was my favorite character from Day 1.... so when a girlfriend named Jenny materialized, I got a little excited... and when I found out that it was HIS WIFE--I just about swooned. There's something remarkable when a married couple gets to share their love for each other onscreen. Just the way he looks at her, you can see a dynamic between them that doesn't quite make it to actors who are only pretending to be a couple. I positively adore watching these two!

James and Oliver Phelps--Fred and George Weasley (the "Harry Potter" Series)

*taken from
Pretty sure that's James on the left... But don't quote me on that! (Unless I'm right, in which case, quote as much as you like!) There's something magical when fictional twins are played by real-life twins--especially since I have only ONCE seen twins successfully portrayed by a single actor. (Freddie Highmore in The Spiderwick Chronicles, if you're wondering, but I've already mentioned that in an earlier Hit List)
These two thoroughly embraced their roles as twin brothers Fred and George in the Harry Potter movies--enhanced, no doubt, by their "lifetime of knowledge." Watching them grow their characters from two little mirror-images constantly confusing their mother to two distinct yet inextricably connected brothers in their own right was wonderful to behold.

Anna and Freddie Popplewell--Susan Pevensie (Chronicles of Narnia) and Michael Darling (Peter Pan)

*taken from
 Betcha didn't see this one coming, eh? It's true. According to IMDb, young Freddie landed his first and only film role quite by accident. Apparently his older sister Anna (whom we all know as Susan Pevensie) came to audition for the role of Wendy in Peter Pan, and little brother tagged along. When asked to read a scene between Wendy and Michael, there was no one else to read with her, so Freddie obliged--and did so well that he landed the role, while poor Anna eventually lost out to Rachel Hurd-Wood. The family resemblance at this point might be slim, as Anna has dark hair and all we have are Freddie's unmistakably ginger little-boy shots, but the more one compares the two--it's there, trust me!

Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington--John and Mary Watson (Sherlock)

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I still remember watching the Series 3 premiere and thinking, "Wait... Isn't that his real-life wife?" The friend I was with remarked that the actress looked very similar, but it couldn't be.
She totally is. I totally called that one.
Once again, we have a case of "real-life-wife-plays-girlfriend-who-becomes-screen-wife." And as with the Devers on Castle, it just couldn't get any more adorable! She may have been playing his girlfriend at first, but she is most undoubtedly his wife, from the way she notes his discomfort when he is preparing to propose, to the calm, capable way she assures the newly-"resurrected" Sherlock that she'll "talk him 'round" when John--hurt at the way Sherlock disappeared and the fact that his boorish ignorance ruined a perfectly-prepared proposal--totally bashes him in the face and refuses to forgive him or accept an apology. Martin and Amanda have succeeded in making the Watsons unforgettable and inseparable in a way no other acting pair has.

Honorable Mention...

Timothy Carlton and Wanda Ventham--Mr. and Mrs. Holmes (Sherlock)

*taken from
Remember this scene? To be frank, I never attached much significance to these two--for all I knew they could just be two older actors meant to portray the parents. How lovely to discover that, far from being just a humanizing plot device to the man who has confounded the world--their appearance was more of an homage to that man's origins. Yes, these are Benedict's parents. You're welcome.