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Original Fiction

The Water-Man

Afton-By-The-Sea is a small seaside community located right on the border between England and Scotland. Founded as a summer holiday retreat, the relaxed atmosphere and idyllic scenery provides the most picturesque vacation anyone could wish for. One fateful night, all this pleasantness shatters. The famous Dalton House is robbed in the midst of dinner. A doctor and his daughter are visiting the town on a much-needed vacation when they encounter a bizarre creature washed up on the beach and discover a centuries-old secret thriving undetected in the depths of the water. Life in Afton-By-The-Sea will never be the same again.

Read the whole story on Wattpad"The Water-Man"

The Amazon Triangle

BackgroundThis story began as two scenes that occurred sequentially in my brain with vivid imagery and little to no context, so I called them "Amazon" and posted them on my blog (see the links below) .... and then several months later, this happened:

Best friends Ben, Justin, and Edie are surprised and excited to wind up on the same tropical cruise together. Their parents? Not so much. 

Ben's father Hank used to be good buddies with Justin's father Frank--but the two men have drifted apart over the years. Unbeknownst to Hank, Frank had been dating Janet at the time, and she ended up dumping Frank just before he met Hank. After graduating, they went their separate ways, and the three never figured on seeing each other again.... Until Janet's daughter Edie meets Ben at college and the two begin dating. 
Now all six of them are on the same cruise, and things could not get any more awkward. To make matters worse, a freak storm blows the cruise ship through the Bermuda Triangle and the six travelers escape by lifeboat into the Amazon River--where they discover a shocking secret: Mermaids from another dimension, able to shed their scales and walk on land as the freakishly-tall Amazons of legend, have been living in the jungle for several decades. 
A cataclysm has tangled the two dimensions in a never-ending time loop dating back to the end of World War II--and what is more, the Amazons are being hunted down by Japanese soldiers also trapped in the time warp. Can the six adults set aside their differences and work together to escape before the Japanese soldiers kill them along with the Amazons, or will they need to figure out how to separate the two dimensions before the primitive Amazons decide to sacrifice them all?

Original Excerpts: Amazon Part 1 Amazon Part 2
Complete Story on Wattpad: "The Amazon Triangle"

Clay Heroes

     Chad Stevenson is very good at being invisible. Not literally, but in a class full of rowdy, mischievous third-graders, it's easy for him to keep his head down and blend in. Adding to that the fact that his parents are busy with another sibling on the way, and no one seems to pay any attention to the fact that young, imaginative Chad is an easy target for the school bullies--Chad decides to take matters into his own hands, and fashion six heroes out of clay, to rescue him from these difficult circumstances. 
    Unfortunately, with the heroes comes a villain, and when a miracle happens, Chad finds himself in more trouble than he bargained for-- Who will save him now?
Complete Story on Wattpad: Clay Heroes

Once Upon Love (A Modern-Day Cyrano de Bergerac)

Hayden has always loved Madi--he just hasn't found the perfect way to express it yet. And when you're Hayden Berger, son of an actress and an orator, esteemed thespian and perpetual student at New York's Ballard College of The Arts, the most prestigious art school east of the Mississippi... Perfection isn't just expected. It's everything. 
 Hayden gets his chance with the arrival of Chris, an eager-to-please freshman. When both Madi and Chris express interest in each other to Hayden, he sees his chance to convey all his own feelings for Madi, and also ensure that she is in a safe and caring relationship, using the dashing young Chris as a better-looking substitute. The only obstacle to Hayden's plan would be Matt. Rich, vain, and obnoxious, Matt wants all the prestige Hayden has--from his leadership of the elite drama club founded by Hayden, to Madi herself--and he would stop at nothing to get any of it, even if it comes to cheating, lying, or finding some way to separate Madi from Hayden forever. 
Will Matt succeed before Hayden can get Chris and Madi to fall in love? Will Hayden be able to pull off the ruse before it's time to graduate? 
Edmund Rostand's classic tragedy gets updated to a contemporary college romance full of friendship, theater performances, drama clubs, poetry slams, and one unforgettable love story!
Complete Story on Wattpad: "Once Upon Love"


"PotterLock Down" (Sherlock/Harry Potter Crossover)

>PotterLock Down<
When a student disappears and the Minister of Magic is nearly poisoned--of course people suspect The Boy Who Lived  Survives In Spite Of Everyone's Attempts To The Contrary. Harry knows the perpetrator didn't necessarily use magic to accomplish these feats, but no one will listen. This is Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, after all. Not use magic? Preposterous! Expelled and framed for a crime he didn't commit, Harry ends up crossing paths with London's Most Valuable Incorrigible Detective Consultant. Together, the detective and the wizard must unravel the clues and find the true culprit, before another victim falls to his nefarious meddling. And they've got to do it all while being confined to the school grounds.

"Read Between The Lines" / "Fair Trade" (Grimm)

>Read Between
The Lines
"The B├╝cherwurm (book-er-verm) originates from a bookstore run by a Kinderphantasie; anyone who reads a book purchased there is infected, and the worm burrows into his brain, allowing the Kinderphantasie to feed on his imagination, incorporate him as a character in a tragic story, and control him. The victim dies either in the story, or when the worm finally consumes his entire brain." --Entry in the Book of Wesen Lore
(Read Between The Lines) Nick Burkhart is just getting used to his new status as a Grimm, and Portland may be facing an epidemic. People going missing and turning up dead, an entire wedding party taken violently ill, a string of inexplicable suicides--Can Nick find out what is causing it.... or will he be next?

>Fair Trade<

(Fair Trade) A year or so after Nick's encounter with a never-before-seen Wesen... 
Juliette and Nick are engaged and in the thick of wedding planning. 
Meanwhile, the Royals are willing to do anything to get the key he holds. Juliette wants to do something nice for Nick to celebrate. 
When she finds an antique from Aunt Marie, she trades it with the best intentions. 
 An old enemy returns, and Nick finds his luck running out. Can he outwit an enemy who knows his every move? Will this be "The End" for the Grimm?

"Next-Generation Grimm" (Grimm) 

>Next-Generation Grimm<
As it turns out, Trubel wasn't the only Grimm Nick didn't know about. This is the story of twin Grimms, separated at birth; two young girls, raised worlds apart: 
Brooke was raised by Wesen and knows very little of what a Grimm does or should do. 
Raven grew up in the court of a Hexenbieste and has been taught that Grimms are the servants of the Royal Family. 
One mission will change both lives forever.
(Note: This fanisode was written halfway through Season 3 or so... before anybody knew what The Keys were for, so some of the info included is outdated, but the OC's were fun to write, anyway!)
>Keep Portland Grimm<

"Keep Portland Grimm" (Grimm/Supernatural Crossover)

A SuperGrimm sequel to "Next-Generation Grimm." 

Twin Grimms Brooke and Raven are on the move... but darker forces conspire against them. Brooke's Key might not be the one everyone thinks it is--and the Winchesters soon discover that a strange city like Portland may hold more surprises than they bargained for! 
(Note: Grimm timeline circa Season 4; Supernatural timeline circa mid-Season 3)

"Since We Found Serenity" (Firefly)

>Since We Found Serenity<
(Post-"Serenity" film) 
It's been a long time since Kaylee and Simon Tam have given any thought to the old smuggling crew. Six years, in fact. In that time, the Serenity has seen it's fair share of changes: Inara attempts to return to her old life--only to find that ghosts from her recent past have come back to haunt her. Zoe struggles with a new "job description" she never asked for or expected. A new face joins the crew, and old friends aren't as reliable as they used to be. (Also includes cameos/references to other media involving the actors from this show!)

When a simple heist job turns into something much bigger, Captain Reynolds needs their expertise, and the crew must once again band together against the overreaching Alliance-or the galaxy is doomed.

"Alice's Adventures in Storybrooke" (Once Upon A Time/ OUAT: Wonderland Crossover)

>Alice's Adventures In Storybrooke<

(*A re-tooling of the story arc for OUAT-Wonderland, beginning after Episode 8, "Home" (some spoilers)) This is the "real" tale of how Cyrus, Alice, and Ana end up in Storybrooke while Will--having taken Cyrus' place as the genie of the lamp, ends up in the Enchanted Forest. He is discovered by Jasmine, a former "street rat" acquaintance who only wants to be free of Lady Drizella, her mistress, and find her true love, Allan of Dale. Now the reunited heroes must team up with Regina, Belle, and Mr. Gold to defend the town from Jafar and lift the genie curse, while Ana goes to the Forest to find Will.

"The Sound of An Echo" (Percy Jackson)

>Sound of An Echo<
(Set Post-"Olympians", prior to "Heroes of Olympus") 

Percy Jackson may have played a key part in winning a massive war among the gods of Olympus... but the relative peace isn't going to last forever. 
New prophecies emerge, strange reoccurring dreams, a camper who doesn't speak--or does she? 
Time is literally running out, and the fates of both the celestial realm and the physical world are at stake; can Percy and the others cooperate long enough to figure out what is going on and stop the nefarious plot before it's too late?

(Note: This fanfic is incomplete... I still need to finish it!)

"Double Blind" (Chronicles of Lorrek)

>Double Blind<
(*Note: I wrote this fanfic for a fan-art contest run by Kelly Blanchard, for her series "The Chronicles of Lorrek", which essentially had it's start right on Wattpad! Now it's a full-fledged, official series... but here's some fanfiction, anyway!)   

Set sometime after the events of the second book, Ceras is Prime Director of Jechorm, trying to implement her reforms after the dissolution of the Guardian Program--but she finds a sudden new threat in the form of an assassin named Denahlia "Black Dahlia" Firron. (Remember her? She's "The Hunter" from THE CLAN OF OUTCASTS!) 
Ceras thought she left the life of an assassin far behind when she became involved with government administration... But her past has returned to haunt her.

Angels Take Milwaukee (Supernatural/ Doctor Who Crossover)

>Angels Take

While surfing the Net for anything out of the ordinary, Sam Winchester runs across an account where the angel statues in a Wisconsin church yard are supposedly "coming to life" and "stealing people." None of the traditional supernatural hallmarks are there--so what is really going on... and what does a church have to do with a big blue "Police Call" box that appeared out of nowhere?

(Set during Eleventh Doctor/Clara pairing)

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