Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Reader's Review: "Dance into The Wyrd" by Nils Visser

Synopsis from Amazon:

Wendy Twyner feels that she has found a home in the Wyrde Woods. She is slowly transforming herself into Wenn o' the Farisees with the help of locals Joy Whitfield and Willick Maskall but above all her Green Man Puck. Just as she comes to terms with her life at long last she finds out she must risk it all in order to save the Wyrde Woods from destruction. 

My Review:

Oh my goodness! So good!
"Wenn of the Fairies" is back for more, learning about her place in the Weald and connecting more and deeper with the forest and it's people, particularly Puck. This time, she's not so much focused on leaving the terrible life she's always known, but on saving the Wyrde Woods—and the people who essentially saved her—from a greedy, powerful enemy who will stop at nothing to have her way.

It's intense and full of learning and growing as Wenn wrestles with her feelings for Puck and her own character flaws, but Joy is there to dispense advice and give Wendy the wise, motherly counsel she has always needed. Just the few conversations in the beginning of the book do more to help Wendy than all of the ill-prescribed medications and patronizing psychiatrists she has been subject to in Neverland. Wendy and Puck connect with the resistance group the Lost Boys, led by Americans Tink and Jukes (whom I found hilarious in his prodigious use of the word "dude"!) and all of them had exactly the names you would expect: Tootles, Nibs, Curly, and even a pair of Twins! 
This is where the genius of Nils Visser comes into play. The places and names strike a chord in our inner child, giving us an inkling of the role it might play—but all the more stunning when the application is turned on its head and revealed to be much darker and more opposite of the fairy stories we once knew. 
This time, Neverland produces the Pirates intent on pillaging the innocent.
This time, Wendy chooses to grow up in spite of others' low expectations, and she defends the home she has made for herself against those who would keep her firmly in their control.
This time, not everyone gets a happy ending, as the battle claims the lives of many beloved characters.
This time, it's not just Peter with Fae origins, as Wendy finally learns the truth about where she comes from, and the real reasons behind her parents' disappearance.

Follow the Lord of the Wyrde Woods as he leads you on a merry chase through magic woods and a defiant people, mysterious mazes and a breathtaking adventure that will have you cheering and gasping to the very last sentence!

I would most certainly give DANCE INTO THE WYRDE a full *****5 STAR***** rating, and add an Upstream Writer Certified Recommended endorsement—though in light of the increased nudity, intimacy, intense scenes, and violence in this book, it is probably best for teen-plus readers.

Highly recommended for teens and adult readers who grew up on fairy stories and are looking for urban fantasy of considerable depth and substance. THE LORD OF THE WYRDE WOODS will captivate you and thrill you from the first sentence to the last. I look forward to more adventures from this author!

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