Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Reader's Review: "Frost Bitten" by C. A. King

Synopsis from Amazon:

Willow and her friends are back and find themselves under the scrutiny of the magical inhabitants of the main world. Everyone seems to be against them including the directors, the mayor and Keith Quidnunk, the intern journalist for 'The Empowered' newspaper, whom no one has ever seen. At the same time Lance has asked for Willow's help, but if she does it will mean having to survive King Cornelius' wrath.
Join Willow and her friends to find out what wonders await them as they explore frozen lands. Can they save Santa and Christmas from destruction? Can they avoid being sanctioned by the magical community?


My Review: 

The Portal Prophecies continue to surprise me! Going in, reading the first book, I assumed I was in for just a simple little adventure with wild and colorful, eclectic scenarios that would happen quickly and twisted creatively but predictably. I wasn’t totally sold on any of the characters, and I let my first impression color what I thought the rest of the series would look like.

Then I read A Halloween's Curse, and I learned that I had presumed wrong in the best way possible! The first book might have been a little rough around the edges as it was setting the various stages—but now those stages are set and the shows are happening!

The events and resolution of A Halloween’s Curse means that the refugees from Willow’s world are being regulated and monitored by the authorities, distrusted for their abilities, and also having those who know about those abilities demanding that they use them for the purposes of the authorities’ benefit.
Meanwhile, there are missing guardians to find, artifacts to protect, and the royal family is really wanting to get rid of Willow... Her only hope is that Prince Lance can keep his family off her scent.

This book is deceptively thin—and there is a lot that happens in such a short time that I had a hard time putting this down! There’s death magic, frost monsters, charismatic influence, an alternate origin story for Santa Claus... and SOO much more! I really enjoyed the different scenarios--the level of peril is just enough to let each character shine, and there is definitely something brewing in the background that isn't too obvious, while the obvious brewing conflict is remaining suitably just below the surface. Every adventure reveals just a tiny bit more of everyone, giving a new strength along with a new set of challenges to overcome. Dynamics are changing all over the place, but can Willow and her friends remain strong through it all?

I would give FROST BITTEN a solid *****5 STAR***** rating. For what it is, a delightful, eclectic adventure full of unexpected twists and unique characters, it hits all the high notes and keeps a reader firmly in its thrall. If you haven’t read The Portal Prophecies yet... What are you waiting for? Pick up your copy of the first book, A KEEPER'S DESTINY, and get ready for nonstop excitement!

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