Thursday, December 28, 2017

Reader's Review: "All's Fair" by Jeffrey Cook and Katherine Perkins

Synopsis from Amazon:

Late December is a magical time of year. Magical enough for the forces of the Fomoire to truly begin their conquest. Many people travel and consider new things during a gap year before college. Megan of the Unseelie, all of 18 now, is spending hers hurrying between realms and trying to figure how to stop the Fomoire from running rampant over all worlds when the Winter Solstice arrives. Now Megan must rally her friends and allies one more time in a last, desperate mission. Especially because some on both sides say all those worlds are doomed.

My Review:

It's a bittersweet feeling to come to the end of a series that has been absolutely beautiful all the way through, and you have to say goodbye to characters you've grown to care about SO MUCH. There are a handful of series from different authors that gave me such a relaxed, pleasant sort of satisfaction by the end of it... In the case of Jefferey Cook, it's happened every time so far. He's an author that has never let me down once, in all his books I've read.

One of the most difficult things to maintain in a series is continuity, not only of the plot itself, but also a realistic sense of the passage of time, and the development of the characters. Cook absolutely nails it; Megan of "All's Fair" is vastly different from the Megan of the first book, "Foul is Fair." I literally feel like I've spent two years with these characters (which, since my first acquaintance with the series came approximately two years ago, I literally have!), watching them grow and mature--and with this, the last book, comes the end result of that, and what a result it is!
The stakes are higher than they ever have been before, Megan has to call on skills and depths of diplomacy that would never have been possible for her sixteen-year-old, over-medicated self. Yet she handles it all with the grace and ease of one who has found her place in the world--in two worlds, to be precise.
This rousing adventure delivered on every level. All the questions, the mysteries, the motivations, the conundrums--everything converges in this one last "hurrah", and the conflicts, battles, peril, and plot twists are handled with the finesse and care of a Master Storyteller.
I love the special sort of magic Cook has brought into the real world with this series. I guarantee that anybody who has read the books (myself included) will not be able to visit the Aurora Bridge without referring to the famous Troll as Finn; will not be able to see a Painted Lady Butterfly without thinking of Ashling and her adorable sense of self-image; will forever think of The Ballroom whenever the seasons change--and will never forget the marvelous characters who become the imaginary friends of anyone who reads them.

Needless to say, ALL'S FAIR definitely earns every inch of a *****5 STAR***** rating, and of course I'm going to add the Upstream Writer Certified DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED endorsement. If you're a lover of fantasy worlds, fairies, magic, and you're looking for something new, look no further than THE FAIR FOLK CHRONICLES and I promise you will love them as much as I do!

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