Monday, January 2, 2017

The Upstream Writer's FOURTH Birthday Bash!

It's Party-Time!! Man, has it been FOUR years already?

To celebrate this blog, how about a little SCAVENGER HUNT? With more than 550 posts on this blog, there is bound to be something for everyone here! Ready?

All right, so the way it works is this: There is a special message I've broken up and hidden the words across my blog. The words of this special phrase are going to be in Bright green lettering like this to make it easy for you to find. (It would have been purple, but I am aware that this is also the color of hyperlinked text, so I couldn't really use it... oh well!) Furthermore, just so you don't have to wildly comb through each of the 550+ posts looking for green words, I've also listed helpful clues below, one for each of the posts containing a mystery word. Figure out the clue, find the post, get the word--and place them in the correct order, commenting on this post to submit your message!

"But what if I can't find all the words?" If you can't find all the words, and you don't have time to hunt for them all, just make the words you have as coherent as you can--points for getting creative, even if you only find 5 words! (and yes, I'm setting the minimum to 5, in the hopes that you'll at least find this blog interesting enough to hunt for more than just one or two words!) I tried to make the clues as non-cryptic as possible--if you've read my blog at any point, you should at least remember something from the hints I give!

"I don't have time for a scavenger hunt." That's okay! Thanks for reading this post anyway. Do you have a favorite post you've read on my blog? Leave a comment on it to let me know you stopped by! (If you're new to this blog, and thus don't have a favorite post, feel free to search the blog for a mention of something you enjoy, like "unicorn" or "battle", and leave a comment on that post!)

Note: Just to make it even easier to find the posts, I have elected to use only posts of things I have written, so the hidden words are not going to be in any book reviews or reading lists. Happy hunting!

Clue #1:  
In the future, a former "Black Ops" mercenary-turned-hacker gets a new lease on life.
Clue #2: 
A junior cop and his ghosts.
Clue #3: 
A young man, an unscrupulous villain, and LOTS AND LOTS of fairies!
Clue #4: 
Four simpletons journey into a forest...
Clue #5: 
Short story with mermaids! 
Clue #6: 
It is "a truth universally acknowledged," that the middle child of a prominent family--is doomed to remain single for the rest of her life.
Clue #7: 
A magnificent gem called a "gyth."
Clue #8: 
A name, a time, a place, and an object--but compiled all together into one month!
Clue #9: 
Elwood P. Dowd
Clue #10: 
Clue #11: 
A prolific discourse on The Bard.
Clue  #12: 
Rewriting a former fanfiction--with Elves! (Hint: Holds the record for "most attempts at rewriting without being finished")
Clue #13: 
A series of throwbacks to my first attempt at writing an RPG.
Clue #14: 
"You, of all people, should know better than to judge a book by its cover."
"I've never been much of a reader."

Clue #15: 
Hit List with many adaptations. 
Clue #16:  
A gryphon named Icarus.  
Clue #17:
Clue #18: 
Young man, "dog whisperer", tasked with caring for a crazy gang-lord.
Clue #19:

Clue #20: 
A writer goes from sci-fi to western--how strange!  

 Ready, set... GO!