Thursday, June 16, 2016

Reader's Review: "Ghost Hold" by Ripley Patton

Synopsis from Amazon:
Olivia Black is back.

Only this time she's not the one in need of rescue.

Samantha James, rich, popular, and an award-winning composer at age seventeen, is the next target on the CAMFers' list. In order to convince Samantha to come with them, Olivia and Passion must pose as cousins, blend into the most affluent high school in Indianapolis, and infiltrate a mysterious cult known as The Hold.

Olivia doesn't expect it to be easy, even with the PSS guys backing them up. But what she discovers over the course of the mission will call into question everything she ever believed about herself, her family, and especially about Marcus, the guy she is undoubtedly falling in love with. 
My Review:
I have been aching to find out what happens to Olivia since I finished Ghost Hand. I loved the characters, the premise was executed to perfection, and there were plenty of plot threads at the end of the book left open for discovery. 

Needless to say, I blew through the second book in record time. And I ran out of feelings by the end of it.

Olivia has joined "Piss Camp" and traveled east to Indianapolis, to escape the relentless CAMFers, led (in part) by a malevolent doctor who would like to harness the ethereal energy for his own use.

Their mission? Reach out to the next name on the CAMFer's "hit list", who also may or may not be connected to a militant fringe group intent on dominating the "fleshmen", or those without PSS. The stakes are higher, the secrets more deadly... And the things Olivia uncovers just might kill her.

My favorite part about this sequel is it takes pretty much everything introduced in the first book—not just the characters, but the nature of PSS and the mission of both the protagonists and their enemies—and amplifies it, delving deeper and propelling the story forward at a furious rate. The characters change and grow, both together and apart, and we understand more about the situation at hand. This isn't just an isolated group; this is a national, maybe even global phenomenon, and the conflict between the CAMFers and the PSS-driven Hold runs long and deep, giving a sense of history while dropping hints of the potential future. Every new revelation left unexplored only made the thought of reading the next book more tantalizing, as the new ideas made me yearn to discover the outcome of these things. I have grown to love these dynamic characters and I desperately want to find out what happens next!

Ghost Hold delivers a solid sequel in every aspect of the story... And leaves me thirsting for more. If you've read Ghost Hand and are even the slightest bit curious what awaits Olivia down the road (besides the basic "a relationship with Marcus")... You NEED to read Ghost Hold! And you might as well get the next book, Ghost Heart, while you're at it, because it only took me two days to read this one, and Ripley Patton has just released the last book in the PSS Chronicles! Get it while it's hot!!

I would most certainly give Ghost Hold a solid *****FIVE STARS***** and add an Upstream Writer Certified DEFINITELY RECOMMENDED. The PSS Chronicles is an excellent series for avid readers of the paranormal genre, who enjoy "teens with superpowers" WITHOUT the senseless angst that typical YA delivers! It's a solid story with relatable characters and a plot that will keep you riveted to the very end!