Reader's Reviews


Science Fiction: 


-Domechild--Shiv Ramdas  Rating: *****
-Pure Control--C. Lloyd Brill Rating: ****
-Warriors of the Edge--Katie Bridges Rating: *****
-Division: A Collection of Science-Fiction Fairytales--Lee S. Hawke Rating: *****
-For None of Woman Born--S. D. Curran Rating: *****
-Cybermancer Presents--Andrew Barber Rating: *****
-The Boy Named Topaz--Jeffrey Gartshore Rating: *****
-ReAwaken--Autumn Seigel Rating: ****
-After Impact--Nicole Stark Rating: ***
-Dissolution--Lee S. Hawke Rating: *****
-Countless As The Stars--Steve Trower Rating: *****

The Untamed Series--Madeline Dyer
       -Untamed Rating: *****

The Jill Andersen Series--J. D. Cunegan
       -Bounty Rating: *****
       -Blood Ties Rating: *****
       -Behind the Badge

The Vemreaux Trilogy--Mary E. Twomey
       -The Way Rating: *****
       -The Truth Rating: *****
       -The Lie Rating: ***** 


-Sky Knight--Sandra Harvey Rating: *****

The Alexander Legacy--Sophronia Belle Lyon
       -A Dodge, A Twist, and A Tobacconist Rating: *****
       -The Pinocchio Factor Rating: ****

Dawn of Steam Trilogy--Jeffrey Cook
      -First Light Rating: *****
      -Gods of The Sun Rating: *****
      -Rising Suns Rating: *****

Punk Anthologies--Jeffrey Cook et al.
      -Sound & Fury: Shakespeare Goes Punk, Vol. 1 Rating: *****
      -Shakespeare Goes Punk, Vol. 2: Once More Unto The Breach Rating: ****


Urban Fantasy/ High Fantasy 

-Thornburg's Daughter--Rose Withering Rating: ****
-The Starlight Proverbs--Darren E. Barber Rating: *****
-Songstruck--Sofia Black Rating: *****
-Thimblerig's Ark--Nate Fleming Rating: *****
-The Captives--Precarious Yates Rating: ****
-Out of Darkness Rising--Gillian Bronte Adams Rating: **** 
-The Pirate Princess--Catherine Banks Rating: ***
-Merchant of Alyss--Thomas Locke Rating: **** 
-Road Brothers--Mark Lawrence Rating: *****
-Conner's Odyssey: Discovery--Ian Bristow Rating: ****
-A Spell in the Country--Morgan Smith Rating: *****

The Chronicles of Lorrek--Kelly Blanchard
        -Someday I'll Be Redeemed Rating: *****
        -I Still Have A Soul Rating: *****

The Fair Folk Chronicles--Jeffrey Cook and Katherine Perkins
        -Foul is Fair Rating: *****
        -Street Fair Rating: *****
        -A Fair Fight Rating: *****
        -All's Fair

The Therian Way--Kimberly Rogers
       -Leopard's Heart Rating: *****
       -Wolf's Path Rating: ***** 
      -Tiger's Shadow

Spirit Knights--Lee French
       -Girls Can't Be Knights Rating: *****
       -Backyard Dragons Rating: *****
       -Ethereal Entanglements
       -Ghost Is The New Normal

Lord of the Wyrde Woods--Nils Visser
     -Escape From Neverland Rating: *****
     -Dance Into The Wyrd Rating:***** 

The Portal Prophecies--C. A. King
     -A Keeper's Destiny Rating: **** 
     -A Halloween's Curse Rating: *****
     -Frost Bitten

Shifters & Mages--Skye Hegyes
     -Puck's Choice Rating: ****
     -Jenna's Story

Talented Series--Amy Hopkins
     -Dream Stalker Rating: *****
     -Barrow Fiend
     -Truth Taker
     -Fairy Tiend

The Books of Winter--R. R. Virdi
       -Dangerous Ways Rating: ***** 

Paranormal/ Supernatural/ Horror

-Abiding Flame--Pauline Creeden Rating: *****
-Floor 21--Jason Luthor Rating: ****
-Burn Our Houses Down--Kelsey Garmendia Rating: *****
-Disenchanted--Kelsey Gamendia Rating: *****
-Sanctuary--Pauline Creeden Rating: *****
-Murder in Absentia--Assaph Mehr Rating: *****
-Skeins Unfurled--K. M. Vanderbilt Rating: ***** 
-Kalla--Amber Morant Rating: ****

The Grave Reports--R. R. Virdi
        -Grave Beginnings Rating:  *****
        -Grave Measures Rating: *****

The PSS Chronicles--Ripley Patton
       -Ghost Hand Rating: *****
       -Ghost Hold Rating: *****
       -Ghost Heart Rating: *****  
       -Ghost Hope Rating: *****

Alexi Sokolsky: Hound of Eden--James Osiris Baldwin
        -Burn Artist
        -Blood Hound Rating: ****
        -Stained Glass

The LouisiAngel Series--C. L. Coffey
        -Angel in Training Rating: *****
        -Angel Eclipsed
        -Angel Tormented

Judah Black Series--E. A. Copen
       -Guilty By Association Rating: *****
       -Blood Debt
       -Chasing Ghosts 

General Fiction: Becoming Nikki--Ashley Elliott Rating: ****

-Finding Pandora--Emily Hardcastle
-American Goth--Cyn Mackey
-Too Wyrd--Sarah Buhrman
-The Seventh Crow--Susan D. Ramsey
-Daughter of Lions--Catherine Banks
-The Firebird Fairytales--Amy K. Kuivalainen
-Crossbones--Stefan M. Nardi
-The Secret King: Lethao--Dawn Chapman
-Devotion--Katika Schneider
-Oblivion's Forge--Simon Williams
-The Longest Night Watch--D. R. Perry, Joshua L. Cejka, R. R. Virdi, Andrew Barber et al.
-Herald of Autumn--J. M. Guillen
-Chasing Rabbits--Erin Bedford
-Red Hot Steele & Cold Hard Steele--Alex P. Berg
-Anamatus--Derrick Tribble
-City of A Thousand Dolls--Miriam Forster
-P.A.W.S. & Argentum--Debbie Kupfer
-Obsidian Son--Shayne Silvers

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General Reading Lists


-January -- 9 books
-February -- 8 books
-March -- 9 books
-April -- 8 books
-May -- 9 books
-June  -- 9 books
-July -- 6 books
-August -- 8 books
-September --7 books
-October -- 8 books
-November -- 3 books
-December  -- 7 books


-Winter Reading List -- Emperor of Thorns, Quickbane, Dark Fire, Snow White and Rose Red, TimeRiders: Dawn of the Predator, Emerald Green, "L" is for Lawless, Death Comes to Pemberley, The Cardinal of the Kremlin

-Spring Reading List -- Prince of Fools, Atlantia, Virals, Steelheart, The Alchemyst, Exposure,  Mistborn, Absolute Power, N is for Noose

-Summer Reading List -- Outlander, The Magician, As You Wish, Somewhere Safe With Somebody Good, Firefight, Code, The Sum of All Fears, Black and White and Shades of Mediocre, Lions of Lucerne, Path of the Assassin, The Forgotten Sisters, Armada, M is for Malice, Tiger's Paw, Terminal

-Fall Reading List-- Dodger, Only Time Will Tell, You're Never Weird On The Internet (Almost), Uprooted, The Raven Boys, The Fate of Ten, Physik, Fairest, Career of Evil, Sevara, Leviathan, Storm Front