Saturday, July 21, 2018

My Bookish Summer Blog Hop: "Share a photo of your local library!"

As a homeschoooled kid, going to the library was the awesomest outing ever. I still remember charging up the steps and veering to the children's section to pick out as many picture books as I could. We kept our "library box" in the corner of the family room, next to the couch, and it was my favorite place to sit and just devour every book in the box. In 2014, just after I started working part-time as a substitute paraeducator for various schools around the district (so, occasionally full-time opportunities, but sometimes quite a bit of downtime), I gave myself the challenge of reading 100 books in a year--and such a feat required weekly trips to the library, the checking out of massive stacks of books... And yet, to this day, I still find plenty of books to capture my interest every time I visit! Libraries are amazing places, no matter what you like to read or how old you are--and today in the blog hop, here are a few of the local libraries represented by the participating bloggers, and our favorite features about them!

Leslie Conzatti (Me!)
Here’s an interior view of the main branch of my local library, because I think it’s the BEST!
It has an AMAZING play area in the children’s section, an indoor balcony to sit at in the nonfiction section, plenty of chairs and tables to sit at on every floor, and a rooftop terrace garden up on the Fiction floor! 
The thing I like most is the fact that the whole library system has two quick book-picking options, if you’re short on time, or you don’t like browsing shelves: Lucky Day, where you can check out a really popular or brand-new book, but you have to read it right away because you can’t renew it. 
Also there is Popular/Staff Picks, where the library staff choose the books they like the most, so that you can read it! I’ve found several authors I wouldn’t have normally chosen on the shelf, using the Staff Picks! Those two places are usually the first ones I check. If I find enough choices between them, I leave happy! If not, I browse the shelf for familiar names or titles! I love my library!


Here is my local library. Well one of them. I go to three different ones. But this one is closest to my house and coincidentally the one that has Venomous Lives on it’s shelf. Honesty, turne the book into the public library system here and they put it on the one closest to my house by pure chance! It had GREAT kids programs and is a really nice place.

Kelli Quintos

I love my little library. I just moved to my town and had no idea our house was five minutes from the closest library. I loved my house even more after driving past this beauty for the first time. This was the first place I started meeting people in my new community. I joined a craft club and book club they hosted there and you can find me at the Octavia Fields Branch Library about two times a week, either attending an event or sneaking in to pick up my goodies on hold.

Jo Linsdell


My nearest library, and the one I go to most often, is in fact a children’s library. I can order in copies of any books I want from other libraries, but the library itself is specialized in children's books and books on parenting. It’s called “Casa dei bimbi” which translates as “House of Children”. My kids love it. They often do events there too which are great fun. Both my kids, and myself have done readings there. This photo is a selfie of me with my eldest son during our recent trip there.

How about you? What makes YOUR library the best? Comment, join the conversation, and brag about your local "book dispensary"! To see what other questions and blogs this hop has visited, Click >HERE< to go back to the Introductory Post with links to every question! 


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