Monday, January 11, 2016

Just So You Know....


And boy! What a three years it has been! From Short Stories and ShowDowns, to Hit Lists and How-Tos.... This blog has seen me through unemployment, loss, anxiety, and reconciliation. What started as just me rambling about the "wee problem" I have.... turns into a full-on "reading frenzy" when I blew through 100 books in a single year! The first time I jotted down a quick little drabble based on a random name, place, time, and object given to me by a friend, I am pretty sure I had no idea it would incorporate into a completely different novel idea just a few months later. Nor, in fact, that I would repeat the process the following year (TSB 2014), and yet again this year (and it's still ongoing, which makes me very happy!)
When I first started posting the Reader's Reviews, I had no idea just how huge a community of such fantastic writers I was walking into!
This blog has been a forum for getting my writing out to people who read it, from the shortest story I ever wrote to the longest. From early projects long-abandoned, to the one I managed to stick with all the way to the end.

So, to celebrate, I've decided to put together a collection of the most popular posts (or the significant ones) from the last three years. Enjoy!

Upstream Writer Blog Stats

Most Popular Post from 2013: Article: "How To Book" (Volume 1) Story Excerpt: "Merely Meredith--The Encounter in the Library" 
Most Popular Post from 2015: Short Story: "The Prince and The Rose" 

Most Popular Post Of The Last Month: How To Beta
Top 3 Most Popular Book Reviews: 1) Sound & Fury: Shakespeare Goes Punk, Vol. 1 by Jeffrey Cook et al.; 2) Foul is Fair by Jeffrey Cook and Katherine Perkins; 3) Sky Knight by Sandra Harvey
Most Popular Article from 2015: "Felicia Day is My Spirit Animal; Or, How I Learned To Stop Hiding And Embrace My Own Weird" 


Sunday Musings
--Most Views: "When Men Shall Revile"
--Most "+1" Up-votes: "Is Jesus the Result or the Reason?"

Hit List: "Top 5 Acting Couples/Sibling Pairs" 

Poetry: "Practice Makes Perfect" 

Blog Roll
--Most Views: "Characters Count!"
--Most "+1" Up-votes: The Liebster Award 

Throwback Thursday
--Most Views: "A Brief History of the Nation of Telmar"
--Most "+1" Up-votes: "Britannica Cycle: Red Dragon of Wales" Excerpt

Works-in-Progress Wednesday: "The Case of the Irrepressible WIP"

Reading List: "Monthly Reading List: March"

--Most Views: "Professional Integrity Excerpt--Corporate Takeover"
-Most "+1" Up-votes: "Focal Point Excerpt--A Conversation With OPHELIA"

--Most Views: "1K-A-Day Day 25" (2014) 
--Most "+1" Up-votes: "1K-A-Day Day 22" (2014)

School: "LAST DAY OF SCHOOL is actually a Big Important Thing, and other lessons I learned in the public school system"

 Highlights of 2015

February 22--I discovered that a traditionally-published author whose books I enjoyed had actually linked my blog on his own (generating a hitherto-unprecedented spike in the views), I did my first guest post on a friend's blog, and I received my FIRST signed copy of a book EVER! 

March 10--I held my first "#AskMeAnything" post and had a lot of fun doing it!

July 8--HOLY MUSE IN A LIBRARY I FINISHED "THE LAST INKWEAVER"!! It is the first fantasy novel of its magnitude that I actually managed to finish since "The Telmar Trilogy"!

July 24--I wrote a quick short story in the space of only a few hours--and it was a ton of fun!

September 8--I had a really strange dream that manifested into a strange, fun, quirky kind of crime/urban fantasy novel... Is "urban fantasy-noir" a thing?

September 28--I conduct my first Author Interview! I met Sean Gallagher at Rose City ComicCon (where I also introduced my friends to the fabulous Jeffrey Cook, and he introduced me to Ripley Patton!) and he was telling me all about the novel he's trying to get published via Inkshares... and I was so thrilled I simply had to spread the word!

December 18--I sign the contract that means "Princess of Undersea" will be published in a fairy-tale anthology this year! We're hoping to crowd-source the funding for publication, so stay tuned for more info! I will definitely be keeping you posted! 

Thanks to everyone who makes this blog possible! I would have stopped blogging a long time ago if it hadn't been for your support! Please continue to up-vote, share, follow, and comment on these posts! It's input from people like you that helps me become a better writer!
That's all for now, but as ever and always...

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