Monday, March 2, 2020

Introducing: The Bookish Blog Hop's Spring 2020 Hop!

It's that time again!

Bookish Blog Hops is a group I am a part of on Facebook, and every year our fearless leader, Jo Linsdell, organizes a number of "hops" that we all participate in, taking the time to answer each question and linking each others' blogs on the posts that we host!

Lately, she's been doing a spiffing job at getting things organized so that it doesn't feel as sporadic--starting last year, we've been doing one hop per season, and so this is the first hop of 2020!

I've listed the participants, their blogs, and the questions they will be answering below. Feel free to bookmark their blogs, or you can just save this post to refer back to every day this month, since I'll do my best to add the links to each question as they come up! (and if you don't see the day's link... feel free to leave me a comment to remind me!)

Ready? Let's go!!

Jo Linsdell-- 
1: A 2020 release you can't wait to read

Robin Loves Reading--
2: What is the last book you read?

Fee - Ebook Addicts--
3: What are you currently reading?
15: A book you started, but haven't finished
26: When did you last visit a library?
29: Do you prefer ebooks or paperbacks? Why?

Cats Luv Coffee--
4: A book with a one-word title
19: How many books is too many in a series?

Erica Robyn Reads--
5: A book with less than 200 pages

Leslie Conzatti (Me!)
6: A book with more than 400 pages
17: A book by an author who uses initials in their pen name
23: What author (still living) would you love to meet?

7: What was the last non-fiction book you read?
30: What was the last audiobook you listened to?

Laura Doherty--
8: A book with magic!
27: What's your favorite snack or beverage to have on hand while reading?
28: What deceased author would you have liked to meet?

9: A book that was originally written in another language
10: What reading challenges are you taking part in this year?
31: What book will you read next?

Kelsey - There’s Something About KM
11: A book based on a true story

Veronica-The Burgeoning Bookshelf--
12: A book that scares you

Kim - Writer Side of Life 
13: A book set in the future
24: What book (or series) do you hope and pray gets adapted for TV or movie one day?

14: A book with a character who has your first name
18: What is the highlight of your book blogging career to date?
25: Where do you usually discover new books? Online, library, bookstore, or another source?

Stormi - Bewitched Reader Book Blog -
16: A re-telling
22: Which book world would you like to live in?

Alix Maza--
20: Who are your current favorite authors?

Kaili- Entertainingly Nerdy-- 
21: What book character death hit you the hardest?


Oh man, I can't wait to share all our answers with you! Stay tuned... my first day hosting is coming this Friday! As always... 

Catch You Further Upstream!

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