Monday, March 23, 2020

Bookish Blog Hop: Spring 2020--Day 23! (Living) Authors We Would Love To Meet!

Becki Svare - A Book Lover’s Adventures

I have two authors that I would love to meet. One is J.K. Rowling. I think Jo’s story is very inspiring and would love the chance to sit and have a cup of tea with her. The other author is Debbie Macomber. While I have technically “met” her twice at book signings, I would love to sit and chat with her. She is another author who’s story is very inspiring to me. 

Stormi - Bewitched Reader Book Blog ->

It’s hard to choose just one author I’d like to meet. Luckily, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a few of my favorites already. If I had to limit it to two authors I’d like to meet, it would be JK Rowling and Kennedy Ryan. Both have written books I absolutely love. 

Erica Robyn - Erica Robyn Reads -

My go-to answer for this is usually Stephen King! I’ve been in a theater where he spoke once, but I’d love to be able to attend another smaller book signing to meet him one on one. I’d also love to meet Kevin J Kennedy, Nick Clausen, Tony Moyle, Glendy Vanderah, and Michael Clark in person! These are authors that I have talked to directly through email and social media quite a bit, but haven’t had the opportunity to meet them in person yet. *Fingers crossed!*

Laura Doherty: Tales of a Natural Spoonie -

So if you’ve followed this hop you will have seen I have been completely fangirling over Laura Laakso so she would definitely be up there on my list of authors I would like to meet. Other authors I would like to meet are Stjepan Sejic, Nora Roberts, J.K. Rowling and Andrzej Sapkowski. If I could get all of those round a table that would be my bookish heaven.

Leslie Conzatti -- (Me!)

I have had the great fortune to meet a few local-to-me authors, such as Jeffrey Cook and Ripley Patton (when she lived here… she’s moved since then!) and I did get to meet Brian Jacques at a book signing before he passed away (I still remember that encounter!) and Felicia Day also, very briefly… A couple years ago at ComicCon, I got a photo op with John and Carole Barrowman, but I don’t know if that “counts” because it was so incredibly rushed (I was at the back of the line)...

But there are still quite a few that I’d love to sit down and chat about their books and their process with! Mark Lawrence, Kelly Blanchard, Kimberly Rogers, R. R. Virdi, Brandon Sanderson, Amy Hopkins, Mary Twomey, Cornelia Funke, and Evangeline Denmark, to name a few!

Robin Loves Reading -

The living author that I would love to meet most is Nora Roberts. She has written over 225 romances, including a series I love, with her pseudonym, the J. D. Robb In Death series. While growing up I read a bunch of her connected series. Currently, I have downloaded Shelter in Place from Audible as I have wanted to read it for quite awhile.

Another author I would love to meet is Lori Foster. When I first began reviewing over ten years ago, I read dozens of her books, and to-date have read close to 100. I also love James Patterson and wouldn’t mind meeting him, having read over 60 of his books.

Then there is Catherine Coulter. I have devoured her FBI Thriller and The Brit in the FBI series and each year I wait and wait for the next additions. I know she must do tons of research to come up with all of the various plots.

One author from the past I would have loved talking to would be Agatha Christie. Growing up I remember spending weekends at my great grandmother’s house in Reedville, Ma. I would go home with an armful of mysteries and devour them until my next visit. I did this for years until I pretty much exhausted the Christie novels that were published at that time.

Jo Linsdell

Those of you that know me, know I’m a little, OK a lot, obsessed with the Percy Jackson series. I even wrote a blog post about why I’m obsessed with it (you can read that here). My choice for this question is therefore Rick Riordan. Although I’d also like to meet Ethan Cross. I’m a major fan girl of his work too (you can see my blog post about why I’m obsessed with his The Shepherd series here). Another I should add is Jojo Moyes (you guessed it, I did a blog post about her Me Before You series too). I’d like to talk to all three authors about their series that turned me into a fan girl, but I’d also like to talk to them about their other books.

Valerie, Cats Luv Coffee

While there are many mainstream authors that I follow and love their work, the authors I’d most like to meet are indie authors. Before I started blogging, I would have probably chosen the big name authors that would have been most exciting to meet. Now, it’s the less well known ones with whom I feel a more personal connection. I’ve emailed with them, chatted with them on Twitter, and took joy in their successes. Just a few of the ones I’ve love to have coffee with are Hailey Piper, Wilmar Luna, and Karen Gray. There are many more, but those are just a few that come to mind first!

How about you? What are some authors you would love to someday meet? Who have you met already? Let us know in the comments! Visit the >Introductory Post< for any Bookish Blog Hop stops you may have missed! 


  1. It's hard to choose just one author to meet!

  2. So jealous Leslie got to meet Brian Jacques!!

    1. And here's the funny part: I had just received a nice copy of Bellmaker for Christmas, and I wanted to bring it along to have him sign it... but on the day of, I couldn't find it, and the only book I could find was my Mom's old beat-up copy of Mossflower, missing the cover and everything! So I brought it, and when it came time to get it signed, I slid that one over to him and he asked, "Is this your copy?" I was embarrassed, and said something like "It was my little brother's..." he signs it and slides it back and says, "Looks like he's been beatin' his enemies over the head with it!" :D :D What a delightful old man!