Saturday, February 2, 2019

Bookish Blog Hops' VALENTINES HOP, Day 2: "Which Book Do You Wish Had A Sequel?"

Leslie Conzatti (Me!)

Far too many books, that’s certain! Both in the indie sphere and the mainstream-published world--far too often I come across a positively stellar book, and it ends up being a stand-alone… or the author simply declined to continue what was so obviously designed to be a longer story arc! That second one is definitely the most aggravating. Take Rithmatist by Brandon Sanderson, for example. Now, I know he’s plenty prolific, and he’s produced some enthralling gems, so he is by no means “slacking” in the years since that book was published--but I mean, come on!! The events barely scratched the surface of all the potential housed in this one unique premise--and it’s still unparalleled, so many years later! I need more of these chalk-drawing shenanigans!

Jo Linsdell-- 

There are so many books that I wish had sequels. I’m actually really happy to have discovered that several that would have been my answer for this question do in fact now have sequels e.g. One of Us is Lying by Karen M. MacManus (Two Can Keep a Secret was released in January this year), and Geekerella by Ashley Poston (The Princess and the Fangirl is due for release in April 2019).

There are so many books that I could list here, but I somehow managed to limit it to Keeper by Amy Daws. The entire Harris families is one of my favorite fictional families and I would love to see all of them, but especially Booker and Poppy from Keeper. I don't want to give any spoilers for those of you who haven't read the series, so I won't go into too many details as to why I chose Booker out of all the Harris brothers. I am very partial to Booker and Camden, but Booker is my personal favorite and I would love to see the next phase of his and Poppy's relationship.

I wish that The Collector by Nora Roberts had a sequel. I just really love the pairing of Ash and Lila. Plus Lila is plucky and weird... like me.

How about you?
What book have you read that YOU wish could have continued? Let us know in the comments! See below for a complete schedule and links to the other blogs!
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  1. I agree with you on waiting years for the next book in a series! I've been waiting for the next Patrick Rothfuss book for ages.

  2. I just ordered a copy of Still Me by JoJo Moyes yesterday. I read the first two books in January and need the third instalment. I actually waited to read them so that I wouldn't have to wait too long for Still Me to be released.

  3. Y’all’s stories remind me of when I got into the Lorien Legacy series... (@Jo Linsdell, if you liked Percy Jackson you will probably really enjoy that series!) When I first started reading the first book, I didn’t know it wasn’t a standalone till about halfway through it, when the second book came out... and then the THIRD book, which also ended in a cliffhanger... then a couple months later the fourth book came out, ending with ANOTHER cliffhanger... and I spent the next couple years waiting for the next three books to come out, and each time I would get to the end and be like “WAIT THERE’S MORE?? HOW ARE THEY NOT DONE YET??” Until finally I made it to the end of the series. It never got old or recycled plots, and every book managed to bring out something new in each of the characters!

    1. Sounds like I need to read the Lorien Legacy 😂

  4. Great choices! I've never read any Brandon Sanderson but it is on my list for sure!