Monday, August 21, 2017

Book Lover's Blog Hop: "Which author would you most want to interview and why?"

Leslie Conzatti (Me!)

I would definitely for sure want to interview either Mark Lawrence or Cornelia Funke. Mark Lawrence because he used to work on like National Security-level stuff (the kind of job, as his bio quotes, where you could actually say, “This isn’t rocket science! Oh wait, yes it is.”) in the scientific field, working with artificial intelligence stuff, but then he quit his job to help his wife care for their daughter who was severely disabled--and he took up writing fantasy--but like, the BEST kind of post-apocalyptic fantasy you will EVER READ. So yeah, definitely want to ask about that!
Cornelia Funke, I would love to talk to because her fantasy work is just so phenomenally above and beyond any kind of fairy-tale fantasy I have ever read, so I want to know what her inspirations were, and how she came up with so many different ways to twist old folk tales into something entirely new and enchanting!

Tabitha Caplinger

Ever since I found out that Keirsten White had been tapped to write the new Buffy spin off I have wanted to meet her, talk to her, ask her all the questions and become best friends with her. Because...Buffy. I know that isn’t very profound but I’m a total fangirl on this one and can’t help it. 

Brandy Potter

For me the clear choice would be Neil Gaiman. The man has such tremendous insight, but also the greatest imagination that I have ever read. I have watched his interviews and I am always taking notes or quoting him. He never has the same answer. He’s sarcastic and witty and just wow! He just seems to be the most amazing teacher for any writer. 

Jo Lindsell

I would love to interview JK Rowling. This woman is so inspiring, and not just as an author. Obviously I’d like to ask her about creating the best selling book series of all time, and a million other questions related to being a novelist, screenwriter, and producer. She’s so much more than that though. From her rags to riches tale to the work she does for charities, I’m sure she’d make for interesting conversation. 

V. L. Jennings

As a writer who has been interviewed multiple times, I can’t quite think of any GOOD questions to ask any of my favorite authors. I don’t really think I would like to interview them really. I’d much rather have dinner with them, or just sit and talk about their world and their characters. Brian Jacques is the author that really inspired me to write, but he is unfortunately gone from this earth. I would have loved to spend a day with him!  J.K. Rowling is my next choice.

The only issue with J.K. is that I’m sure she’s already been asked every question under the sun 15 times over. Could her and I just go to the Harry Potter Theme Park for a day and just geek out maybe?

Jebraun Clifford

I would love to sit down with Marissa Meyer and chat about the Lunar Chronicles. Such imagination! Such fun! Such a great fairy-tale retelling. I’d love to know how she came up with the idea, and where her mind might go next.

Skye Hegyes

 There are so many authors I’d love to interview, but I think I’d most like to interview Mercedes Lackey and her husband, who’s also her cover artist, Larry Dixon. They are a brilliant team and know how to bring so many fantastical worlds to life that I feel like a conversation with the two of them would be wonderful and that I might also learn a thing or two.

Kessie Carroll

I’ve wanted to have Jim Butcher over for dinner for ages. Ever since I saw him at a convention panel, I’ve wished we could just sit down and chat about crazy fantasy topics. He’s written high fantasy, urban fantasy, and he’s just started a new, amazing steampunk series. He’s also what I call “a high-functioning introvert”--he’s clearly not comfortable in crowds and would be so fun one-on-one.

How about you? What author would YOU most want to interview? Let us know in the comments! Don't forget, you can always go back to my Introductory Post to check out any questions you may have missed, and feel free to comment with your own answer!

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