Friday, July 28, 2017

Introducing: The Book Lovers' Blog Hop!

Cue the epic fanfare!

August is almost here, and I've had the excellent fortune to participate in a month-long blog hop, all about my favorite things in the whole wide world:


I, along with almost 20 other bloggers, will be sharing with you the joys and heartbreaks of reading, our best advice, our recommended sources for all your literary needs, our hopes and dreams--and, of course, our favorite books! Be on the lookout for the picture at the top of the post, because that's your cue to expect awesomeness!

Here's a list of participating bloggers, so you can bookmark the sites ahead of time. The way it works is that each of us are hosting a question (or two!), and each day, we'll be posting the question of the day, along with the answers provided by participating bloggers. So if you're not following me on Facebook already,  feel free to do that, as I'll be sharing each post that I answered--or you can just be sure to check the host blog on that day, to see what my answer was! (To help, as the month progresses, I'll be linking the answer posts on the questions in this post, so all you would have to do to find the post, if you haven't saved the blogs, is to simply click on the hyperlinks as they show up, and it will bring you right to the post in question)

Jo Lindsell-- 
     August 22nd: "How often do you go to the library?"
Skye Hegyes-- 
     August 18th: "Where do you post your reviews of books you've read?"
     August 29th: "What do you do to get out of a reading slump?"
Katherine A. Pisana-- 
     August 3rd: "Where do you get your books?"  

Brandy Potter-- 
     August 28th: "When did you get into reading?"
     August 30th: "If a genie granted you 3 bookish wishes, what would you ask for? Why?"

Belinda Bekkers-- 
     August 23rd: "Is your Goodreads challenge/reading goal for this year on track so far?"

Casia Schreyer--  
V. L. Jennings--  
C. J. Brightley--  
Just B. Jordan--  
     August 26th: "Name a book that made you cry."
Sade Rena-- 
     August 15th: "What's the best book series?" 
     August 16th: "What's the most thought-provoking book you've ever read?"
Tabitha Caplinger-- 
     August 17th: "What are the top 3 books you think everyone should read?"
Laurie Lucking-- 
     August 19th: "What is the last book you gave a 5-star review?"
     August 31st: "Do you take part in readathons? If yes, which are your favorites?"
K. M Carroll-- 
     August 20th: "Which book do you wish had a sequel?"

Karina Fabian--  
     August 24th: "Does your family support your reading habits?"

     August 25th: "Do you enter book giveaways? What was the last prize you won?"

Jebraun Clifford-- 
     August 27th: "Do you write as well as read? Do you see yourself as an author in the future?"

And I will be hosting on August 4th ("Best Read of 2017 So Far?") and 21st ("Which author would you most like to interview, and why?")! UPDATE: We had a blogger back out, so I've also covered the post for August 5th ("Who's Your Favorite Author?") Check it out! See you all on those dates!

Happy reading! And...

Catch you further Upstream!