Monday, June 8, 2015

The Great Upstream Writer Countdown

No, it's not the final countdown... but I am counting down to something..... So I decided to include all of the other things with it.... 
So, for those of you who wonder what exactly it is I am up to these days; for those who are new to my blog and aren't really sure what in the world is going on here; for those who just want to see practically everything I have on this blog, all linked to one post...
This is for you. Thanks for following this blog. I would go higher, but that might take too long...

Starting with:

Participants in the second Suggestion Box series
five-star Featured Reviews
Segments in the first Suggestion Box
 ideas that I have taken notes for but have not started writing yet: Triangle, The Britannica Cycle: All The Swans in England, Where Heather Blooms in Scotland, The Last Snake in Ireland; Persuasion and Pixies, The ReBible Series: Go Down (the story of Moses, set post-Civil War), The Mother Lode (the story of Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebekah, Jacob and Esau, set during the Western expansion of the mid-1800s), The Remnant Resonance (the story of Ruth, set during Great Depression), Proof of Life (the story of Paul of Tarsus, set during 20th century), The Astonishing Adventures of Jonah (the story of Jonah, set during 20th century), NARCIS (the story of Noah, set in the 25th century)
books planned in the ReBible series in all (so far....) four of which I must think about overhauling and preparing to rewrite them completely come NaNoWriMo (normally known as November)
print books (and 1 ebook) on my Summer Reading List: in addition to the library books, I have two books I received for free as door prizes at two different events: Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good (by Jan Karon) and Embittered Ruby (by Nicole O'Dell)
more days left of school (which is my job)
library checkouts to read and finish over the summer: The Magician (by Michael Scott), Outlander (by Diana Gabaldon), The Sum of All Fears (by Tom Clancy), Firefight (by Brandon Sanderson), Code (by Kathy and Brendan Reichs)
Fanfics waiting to be written or finished, and they all happen to be Supernatural fanfics: "An Embarrassment of Witches" (dealing with events from this current season), "Angels Take Milwaukee" (a Supernatural/Doctor Who crossover), "A Midsummer's Nightmare" (because a Supernatural twist on a Shakespeare comedy was just too good to pass up!) and "Betty and the Beast" (mostly because I think the Northwest is best, so Leavenworth, Wa seemed like a fantastic location for a mystery)
 novel projects started and abandoned in the editing stages: Laurel of Andar, Fairies Under Glass/ Return to Phantasm, and A Writer's Tale: Extended Series
Works in Progress: "The Last Inkweaver", an original fantasy novel, needs only one more chapter; also a story based on a fanfiction I wrote with a completely original plot that will become the screenplay for a small web series produced by a friend of mine... Which apparently cannot even start until I finish the story, so that's a thing...
And finally.... the moment of truth....
Novella to be published this year: Princess of Undersea
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Here's to more great stuff showing up here on The Upstream Writer! 
As always... Catch you further Upstream!