Saturday, July 23, 2016

Serial Saturday: "The Clan of Outcasts" Locations: Harbor and Wilderness

Along the Western Border

Aurelle Devir--Illusionist

They will tell you that my stories are not to be trusted.
They will say that there are always perfectly logical explanations to all my illusions.
They turned me out onto the streets, decrying me as merely an entertainer for children.

They were wrong.

There among those tender, eager minds, I found a greater purpose.
My illusions taught them things.
My visions helped them see the truth that their parents refused to see.
My tales speak to their mind, before social prejudice pressures them into conformity.

They thought they could silence my voice by putting me where others could ignore me at will.
I will rise again, with the blazing lights of illusions flowing from my fingertips.
And though the blazes be temporary, their message will echo for eternity.

Erlis Irrya--The Dragon

They said I would never fit in.
They told me to disguise the inhuman portion, to cover up the part that wasn't "normal."
They said I was a mistake, unwanted, an abomination.

They were wrong.

There under the very noses of the people who hated me, I discovered who I truly am.
I am acceptable.
I am beautiful.
I am Myself.

They tried to brand me as an abominable dragon, because the scales made me less than human.
Fools; I am more human than they could ever claim to be; even the part They managed to accept is still dragon to the core.
And my fury comes with a roar.

Harlock--The Castaway

They told me I must have been a criminal.
They say I might be the victim of any number of mass accidents—or the cause.
They tell me that I will most likely never fully recover my memories, so there is no point in trying.

They are wrong.

I wasn't alone when I woke up; she was there, she saved me—and together, we will rebuild the mind I lost.
I know my choices haven't all been good.
I know that eventually, I will have to answer for those choices.
I know that I want to.

They thought they could make me into whoever they needed me to be.
I will remember the man I was, and become the man I was meant to be.
And I will give them a reckoning they will never forget.



Along the Eastern Border

Damaris Kemp--The Phoenix

They said I was worthless.
They said I would amount to nothing.
One night, They came and burned down my family's home, thinking that when the ashes blew away, the pathetic boy would disappear once and for all.

They were wrong.

There in the flames, I discovered who I truly am.
I am worth something.
I am unstoppable.
I am a Phoenix, birthed in flames.

They thought they could get rid of me forever.
I will return from the ashes.
And I will set their ordinary little world on fire.

Jaran Seramis--The Champion

They told me I was dangerous.
They said it couldn't be tamed.
They banished me from the kingdom as the menace who could not be controlled.

They were wrong.

There in the slums of the city, I discovered who I truly am.
I am patient.
I am skilled.
I control my destiny.

They sent me away thinking I would kill myself or be killed by something more powerful.
I will return as the undisputed champion.
And I will claim victory over them all.

Korsan Nasrok--The Mage

They said I was a fool and a heretic.
They hated me for my insight.
They told Themselves I was insane and they drove me far from all hope and humanity, hoping the frail old man would perish in the barren wasteland.

They were wrong.

Out there in the wilderness, I discovered who I truly am.
I am wise.
I bear the truth.
I am The Mage, the man who can see the world for what it is.

They cast me out to die alone.
I will return in the midst of a throng.
And I will show them things they cannot ignore.