Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Poetry Post: "The Road Not Taken (Still)".... A Poetic Parody

(With apologies to Robert Frost)

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood…”
And I, being master of my will,
In my inquisitive, pensive mood,
Predicted the path as far as I could,
And took the second, for good or ill.

Though seven years have passed from thence,
I live in the same old neighborhood,
I’ve come to that road often hence,
and take the same road, by the fence,
the second path, it’s done me good,
the first winds still, I know not whence.

Perhaps in the future I’ll take that road,
Partake of some adventure grand,
But would I return? Ah! Who can know?
Dare I risk danger all on my own?
When safety is but to understand,
This road-not-taken bears fear and woe!

I tell this tale with nary a sigh,
‘tis safest to travel along with the flow,
for then you can be sure, for aye,
when you take the road most traveled by,
you’ll always know where it goes.