Monday, July 28, 2014


IT'S THE SUGGESTION BOX, PEOPLE! (Scroll down the page on the link till you get to #3)

I tried it last year when I couldn't think of anything to post for Serial Saturday, and I must say, the response was pretty awesome... so I'm doing it again this year.

So What is The Suggestion Box?
The way this series works is: I will contact any interested parties and request a list with four things on it:
-A Name
-A Place
-A Time
-An Object

Each week, my challenge is to craft an excerpt, a news article, a book-jacket blurb--something or anything, using all four items. (You'll want to follow me for this one... you never know how each week is going to turn out!)

Who Can Participate in The Suggestion Box?
I will start out only taking Suggestions from followers. (See why I said you'll want to follow me?) If it comes down to a week that I don't have a list for, I may seek additional contributors--but if you're a follower, you get first crack at it!

How Long Will This Last?
As long as we can make it! I managed to stretch it out to 13 weeks last year... but I also allowed some people to submit more than just one list. This year I'm willing to see how long I can go with no "repeat contributors." It lasts as long as you let it, folks!

So there you have it, Ladies and Gents! Feel free to poke around last year's Suggestion posts, leave a comment on any that you liked... and be sure to click the blue "Join this Site" button on the right if you want a piece of the action! I look forward to getting your list!