Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Poetry Tuesday: "The Lord's Prayer" in Andarian

Oy Rinna Anoy Loresh-Fergu
[The Blessing of the Master-Son]

Oy Laeren Chlosrethanaru shed afchemet Calaithe,
[Our Dear         Father         who lives in   Heaven,]

rinnafaru oy pendon medjeanaf.
[we bless your great   name.]

Aruhandchimaf oy rethelaithe anaf atbeddath, 
[we wish that your kingdom would come to us]

aruhandchimaf oy eshanaf arueraf etoy lacke jeddere afueraf etoy Calaithe;
[we wish to do your will              on the earth just as   it is done in Heaven;]

Afwheddaru plosti oyechte arugalaf etoy zat,
[give us     only   the things we need each day,]

xe afwheddaru jeddeme orraf,
[and give us     unity with you,]

jeddere aruyimaf jeddeme orr losandaru;
[just as we seek     unity    with  others;]

xe bin wheddataru oy kidorchimu,
[and do not give us to evil desires,]

jiquap branaru queste anoy kidorraenna;
[but    call us      far    from an evil heart;]

Anoyarto oy Rethelaithe enanaf,
[because the Kingdom is yours,]

oy gwynne enanaf,
[the power is yours,]

xe losi anoy rinnu anoy losandu at caltren;
[and all the blessings of the world forever;]