Blogs I Follow

The Realm Of Hearts-- A blog by a fellow fantasy-lover! Like mine, this blog has a lot of book reviews interspersed with some very thought-provoking posts.

The Lord's Lass-- A blog by an avid reader on the joys, trials, mishaps and celebrations of living in a large family. Plenty of homemaking tips, and entertaining thoughts to be had here!

Beauty and the Bookworm--Book blog! Look here for thoughtful reviews on lots of books from the speculative fiction/romance genre. 

BioTalez--A funky, quirky little writing blog by a funky, quirky little science major who is an especial writing buddy of mine. Check out her blog and leave replies on her posts... and maybe that will convince her to write more!

God, Girls and Game Design-- Billed as "a blog about my three favorite things", this blogger is a college buddy who is currently the only person I know who actually understands Circular Gallifreyan. Deep thoughts and science fiction stuffses to be found here.

Inkspots--Writing blog run by a friend of mine... apparently inspired by yours truly... I'll take it! You reallyREALLY oughta check out the serial story she wrote and posted, called "Fence Jumpers" it's AMAZING, you won't be sorry! She does character interviews and book reviews, too!

Joyously Prolific--An author blog I exchanged follows with... and she writes some AWESOME flash fiction! It's addicting... like YouTube videos... you just keep reading them because they're short... and six hours later... well, you know... but check it out!

L. Anne Wooley, Writer--Author blog! Articles, character interviews, observations and musings, and other helpful things for avid writers!

Mark Lawrence--You might recognize this name from some rave reviews I've written on more than a few reading lists... I decided to follow his blog because he's always got cool stuff going on, whether it's personal observation, giveaway contests, or even the odd snippet from an upcoming book... Plus, he's a pretty neat guy. Hope I get to meet him someday.

Ravings of a Madman--Another Author blog. Go here (and tread carefully) to discover the twisting pathways of a writer's psyche... Creativity can be a strange and lonely place...

R. R. Virdi--The somewhat-well-adjusted author of one of my favorite books from 2014 has now joined the blogosphere. Don't let the randomness and the lack of coherence fool you. This guy writes amazing urban fantasy and I cannot freaking wait till the next book comes out!

Study. Read. Write.-- A travel blog of sorts by my friend Conny. Go here to get inspired, to find out about cool places and cool people, and hear cool nerdy thoughts that may have crossed your mind, but you assumed no one was that much of a geek. Conny is awesome. Her last trip, a tour of London, has me convinced that she is exactly the sort of person you would want to hire as a guide, should you ever visit Europe.

Tales of Evandar--An author blog I started following because the story she's writing sounds REALLY COOL and it's high fantasy and stuff and I couldn't resist! She has lots of character interviews and "featured location" posts for world-building. Very neat!

Lindsey's Thoughts--This girl is a dear friend of mine and she is so cool!! Very thoughtful posts and great insights into the life of a twentysomething!

To Tilt With Windmills--Author blog! Lots of character interviews, book release updates, book reviews to be found herein!

A Panda and A Book--The title explains everything. Still don't get it? That's how. This writer is about the only person I know who slammed out the "standard" NaNoWriMo word count goal of 50K in pretty much one 24-hour period... and for that she got major kudos. Here is where frenetic, voracious writers can find a kindred spirit and get a little boost of random for the day!

Interpreter of Inspiration-- This author blog gets frequent updates on the various avenues of writing this author is pursuing. Good for use as a resource for various contests and conventions and useful information related to writing and authorship.

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