Saturday, July 30, 2016

Serial Saturday: "The Clan of Outcasts" Locations: The Forest and The Palace

The Forest
along the Southern border

Velora--The Wolf

They thought I was expendable.
They called me weak.
They threw me to the wolves thinking that a pitiful girl would stand no chance against the ravening beasts.

They thought wrong.

There among the wolves I discovered who I truly am.
I am powerful.
I am valuable.
I am a wolf.
I am The Wolf.

They left me for dead.
I will return leading the pack.
And I will slay them all.

Denahlia Firron--The Hunter

They said if I succeeded, I would be a hero.
They told me it would be my last mission, then I could retire.
They told me I was chasing down the city's worst traitors, that I was ridding the world of dangerous criminals.

They were wrong.

There on the trail, I discovered the true purpose of my mission.
I am no hero.
I won't live long enough to retire.
I am The Hunter.

They sent me as their puppet, hoping I would either succeed or take the fall for their failure. 
I will return in the midst of the ones They fear the most.
And I will make them pay.


The Palace
on the Northern side of the country

Azelie Pozreth--The Paragon

They told me I was perfect.
They said I was the most flawless person on the face of the world.
They bought me and groomed me and said all young girls would aspire to be perfect just like me.

They were wrong.

Underneath the silks, crystals and flattery, I know who I truly am.
I am flawed.
I am tired.
I am the object of no one's aspirations.

They chose me because I fit their ideal of the perfect, pure human. I will hide my rebellious thoughts under the mask of beauty and wait for my chance.
And when it comes, not even the Council Itself will be able to stop me.

Edri Rodan--The Lion

They told me the scars would fade.
They said no one would treat me differently.
They thought a well-trained submissive soldier like me would never question orders.

They were wrong.

There in the barracks, the scars revealed who I truly am.
I am a rebel.
I stand in the name of justice and truth.
I am The Lion.

They thought they could cut me down with scars on my face.
I will rise up and give them scars of their own.
And those scars will never fade.

Zayra Adassa--The Queen

They said escape would be impossible.
They told me the treatment was in my best interest.
They set me up as their savior, Their queen.

They were wrong.

There in the tall spires of the White Castle, I discovered who I truly am.
I am chaos.
I am terror.
I inspire misery and discord upon those who trust me.

They trained me and conditioned me to rule.
I will bring them to their knees and demand their very lives from them.

And they will serve me forever.

Kaidan and Javira Clissander--The Twins

We said the city was broken.
We thought we knew how we could fix it.
We wanted to convince the people to let us tell them how to do it.

So we lied.

Once we achieved the authority to do what we wanted, we revealed who we truly are.
We are worthy to judge between right and wrong.
We decide who deserves to live, who needs to die.
We, and those like us, are The Elite.

There are those we have branded Outcasts, the ones who have abilities and flaws that make them more powerful than we could ever be.
They must never know of that power.
As long as we hold the trust of the people and the power of The Council, they will remain Outcasts: unacceptable, a menace.
And we can remake the world exactly as it should be.
Everything will be perfect....