Monday, July 11, 2016

Introducing: The Summer Splash Book Blog Tour!

Hi friends! If you're just seeing this blog for the first time: I am someone who writes a lot, reads even more, and jumps at the chance to support fellow authors! So naturally, when someone in my network suggests doing a blog tour with a bunch of different authors and bloggers, I jump at the chance!

What is the Summer Splash?

Summer Splash us your chance to discover indie authors whose books you might not find in big-name bookstores or libraries--and they might even live in your area! Starting next week, you'll see a series of interviews from eight different authors, gain access to their books, and find out about upcoming releases. Get the inside scoop on some hot new reads, find out more about what goes into the making of a book, and find your next Awesome Summer Read RIGHT HERE on the Tour!

Why the Summer Splash?
So often, independently-published books don't get the "airtime" they deserve, or new releases go unnoticed because word-of-mouth only goes so far. These wonderful people have demonstrated a commitment to their craft and a dedication to producing quality literature, a cause I can definitely get behind! This is our chance—mine and yours—to not only bring great books to the attention of our friends, family, or coworkers who are always itching for something new to read, but also to give a little moral (and, if you buy the book, financial) support where it will count toward furthering the cause of literature, and give these hard-working authors a little something to brighten their day.
For me personally, I love to inspire, not just with my writing, but by recommending others who have also published--connecting authors with readers! I loved the opportunity to find out about other authors, and this kind of tour is an opportunity to expand networks for both of us!

Who is involved in the Summer Splash?

I will be introducing you to the following authors: 

Kristan L.
Carol Ann
D. R.

PLUS a Special Guest Interview with one of my favorite authors!

If you have been following my blog for a while and know about all the book reviews I do, you might have guessed already who it is going to be. My guest author was the second person to ever send me a book to review—back when I wasn't entirely sure what I was doing—and I am so excited to introduce him to you readers! His books have been among my absolute favorites to read over and over again! No more clues—I will reveal my Special Guest on August 15, so don't miss it!

When will this be happening?

Every Monday from now to September, you can stop by here and be able to meet the different authors through their answers to my interview questions. Keep a lookout for the updates! (If you're on Facebook, I will be sharing the interviews on my author page,

Where can we find more author interviews?

If you want to learn more about me and what I'm writing, or if you are interested in learning more about the other authors, maybe in a different style than my interview, go ahead and either subscribe or bookmark the blogs listed above! Every Monday is a new interview!
How can we participate in the Blog Tour?

Browse the blogs above for cool writing-related stuff! When you see a new interview--comment, like, "+1", reTweet, or share on social media! If you have a question for any of the authors that wasn't covered in the interview, feel free to ask it--and you may even get a response from the authors themselves! Let's give these authors as much visibility as possible! Every little bit helps!


She's a fantasy-lover and a fellow "compulsive writing addict." Though she refers to her stories as "Trivial Ventures", I think you'll find them anything but that! Join me next week to get acquainted with Anna Kringle!