Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Literary A-B-C's

If you have....
Related imageAslan in the Alley, or
Related image  Boggarts in the Bath,
  Related image Centaurs in the Courtyard,
Related image Dustfinger on the Dash—

Related image If Edmund eats his Eggs, and
Related image  Farid forages Fruits, while
Related image Glass men gild the Gas lamps, at
Related image  Hogwarts, in the Hearth;

Related image If Ix is Inconceivable, and
Related image Jadis is a Jerk; if
Related image  Kingsfoil by the Kilo leaves
Related image  Lothlorien in the Lurch;

Or learn that...
Image result for marvin android Marvin has a Migraine, and
Related image Nymphs are Nervous wrecks;
Image result for ophelia hamlet Ophelia is Overwrought, and
Related image  Puddleglum’s com-Plex;

If you play

Related image  Quidditch in the Quarry, with the
Related image  Redcaps splitting Rocks, you might see
Related image  Slartibartfast Slide on down, while
Related image  Treebeard stops to Talk;

If you've heard that....

Related image Underhill thinks he's Unique,
Related image Viola's twin is Very chic;
Related image Wizards wave their Wands apace at
Related image Xenophilius' disgrace. (X!)

Related image If Yorrick's buried in your Yard,
Related image And Zaphod's catching Zzzz's—

You know you might be saying
Your Literary A-B-C's!

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The Spiderwick Chronicles—Boggart, Nymphs, Redcap
The Inkheart Trilogy—Dustfinger, Farid, Glass men
Harry Potter—Hogwarts, Quidditch, Wizards, Xenophilius
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy—Ix, Slartibartfast, Zaphod
Lord of The Rings—Kingsfoil, Lothlorien, Treebeard, Underhill
Shakespeare—Edmund, Ophelia, Viola, Yorrick