Friday, October 24, 2014

Reader's Review: "Thornburg's Daughter" by Rose Withering

Synopsis from Amazon:
A young man with a prophesied destiny grows up hearing a fairy tale about a beautiful Elvin Princess who is trapped in a tower. When he is older he falls in love and gives up his destiny to be with her. One night a baby is left on his doorstep with a piece of paper attached to her blanket. It is a page from The Fantastic Tales of Mystique, a forgotten Chronicle of a mystical land that is tied to his prophesied destiny and written by his own great grandfather.

[From the book cover]
"The end of the Age of the Guardians will come to pass with the start of a great war..."

Martin Thornburg loved his great-grandfather's fairy tales until he learned that they were not just fairy tales. Martin leaves Scotland with the intention of never returning until a baby girl is left on his doorstep  with a prophesied destiny that links to his.

My Review:
Okay, I was not entirely familiar with the blurb before I read the book... I had only had a brief summary from the author herself and I knew I wanted to read the story. Wow! I can verify that the above synopsis really does not do the story justice! Shape-shifting elves, an evil witch who will stop at nothing to prevent the prophecy from coming true, a woman who doesn't believe in magic and the young girl at the heart of it all who not only has to deal with being mocked because she is different, but also the fact that she is apparently the savior of a realm that she never even knew existed!

Martin had a destiny, but he thought he could give it up to be with Tara. Then Elle appears in their lives, and when Martin discovers that this little baby is in fact the Elvish princess from the world he'd left behind, he must learn that destiny always has a way of catching up to even the most reluctant heroes.

Rose Withering has produced a novel of epic proportions. The amateur formatting and the constant streams of dialogue might seem off-putting at first, but trust me, you do not want to miss this tale! I loved all of the characters involved, and the way the energy of the story does not let up from start to finish. Her enthusiasm leaches off of every page. She takes the typical "Child of Destiny" trope and bolsters it with unique characters, intriguing lore, and a legacy that captivates the imagination. The sheer amount of creativity it took to produce a story like this makes me excited for what Rose Withering will be writing next!