Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Poetry Tuesday: The Shepherd Knight

On a wondrous summer day,
I saw a marvelous sight
Galloping o'er hill and dale,
I saw a stalwart knight;
he rode astride a powerful steed,
a beast fit to bear his master,
The wind, it sought to drive him back,
but the knight persevered all the faster.

On that summer's day, I saw the knight,
I watched him from afar,
A dragon rose, with scales so bright,
they shone just like the stars;
The dragon roared, with fearsome fire
he claimed the kingdom, all:
"No hero may stand before my ire,
I rule! Fear me and fall!"

The knight, he stood upon the ground,
His head unhelmed he there;
His armor he cast all around,
and faced the dragon, bare.
"You say I am a hero, worm,"
The stalwart youth declared,
"Yet here I show you my true form,
and tell you, I'm not scared!"

"Only a sheep-herd they send to me?"
The dragon cried in a rage,
"Will you herd me, like a lowly beast,
will you close me in a cage?
I am the mighty dragon-lord,
King above all kings!
The seas are in my flagon stored,
I feast upon all things!"

"Not so, foul worm," the shepherd cried,
"A KING doth reign on high,
Who rules o'er earth, the seasons, the tide,
Whom you shall not defy!
You say you have a fearsome wrath,
You threaten to scorch the land;
but MY KING, Who sent me down this path
has given you into my hand!"

"See, even now I have no shield,
My horse you have devoured;
but to MY KING you must needs yield,
or die within the hour."
The dragon scorned, "Thou puny cur!
Within my emerald claw,
I'll crush you, boy! You dare not stir!
You'll die between my jaws!"

The dragon bent his mighty head,
to fulfill his boastful word,
Yet in his haste to make him dead,
the dragon forgot the sword;
The youth, still holding his weapon fast,
cried, "Oh King, deliver Thou me!"
From within the throat he cut, till at last,
'Twas daylight he could see.

And so it was, that mighty youth
cut off the dragon's head;
In spite of fire and boasts, forsooth!
The awful beast was dead.
The shepherd-youth returned to town,
and behold, the people cheered,
"Our humble hero has thrown down
the monster we all feared!"

The youth proclaimed, "Good people, hear!
List to my voice's sound!
You have no need for dread or fear
when THE KING ON HIGH bears His Crown!
'Twas He Who gave me the strength to fight,
But for Him I would have none;
My armor, my steed, my sword, my might,
Could not do what MY KING has done.

"This day, let us give thanks to Him,
for this, His latest act!
And sing His praises, psalms and hymns,
And trust His Word as fact!
No power there is that can prevail,
when He says, "THOU SHALT NOT."
'Tis He who makes the warrior hale,
in Him should strength be sought."

I tell this tale upon this hour
To remind all you who hear:
'Tis humble faith wherein lies power,
not arrogance, wealth, or fear!
So trust this day in the King on High,
Almighty is His Name!
Then when false dragons rise up nigh, 
You, too, can do the same!